Who We Are.

The Summerill Group, LLC negotiates intergovernmental agreements for housing Federal prisoners and detainees in local government jails.  We use our proprietary algorithm, called i-detain, to calculate your per diem rate and hospital guard / transportation rate.  Next, our contract specialists prepare and submit your proposal to the U.S. Marshals Service or Immigration & Customs Enforcement, so that we can then partner with your office during the actual negotiations with the Federal Government.  With over 20 years’ worth of experience, our turn-key solution has assisted over a hundred local governments in twenty-nine different states. 

About Our Algorithm.

i-detain is an algorithm which assists local government officials in calculating per diem rates for the housing of Federal prisoners and detainees in county and city jails.  It is the only commercially available evaluation tool which complies with the U.S. Office of Management & Budget Circular 200; Chapter XXVIII – Department of Justice (2 CFR 200); and Section 119 of the Department of Justice Appropriations Act of 2001 (Public Law 106-553).

Before We Got Involved.

Historically, USMS and ICE paid counties and cities “reasonable and actual costs” for housing Federal prisoners in local jails pursuant to guidelines set out in OMB Circular A-87. These costs were calculated on Form USM-243 entitled “Cost Sheet For Detention Services” resulting in a federal per diem rate under a cost reimbursement type intergovernmental service agreement between the Federal and local government. 

In 2007, the DOJ Office of the Federal Detention Trustee created the Detention Services Network (DSNetwork) — an automated system for procuring detention services, replacing the old process with new electronic Intergovernmental Agreements (eIGAs) calculated using jail operating expense information.  The new system gave the Federal government an edge in negotiating lower per diem rates with counties and cities, and then locking those rates in for multiple years.

We Changed All That.

In 2010, we began building i-detain to better assist local cities and counties during their negotiations with USMS or ICE.  Like other cost accounting methods, our algorithm captures all direct jail operating costs such as salaries and benefits; medical care and treatment costs; facility operation expenses; as well as safety and sanitation expenses.  Costs of indirect central services are included, too.  However, i-detain goes beyond these standard methodologies by including costs not normally associated with a jail, including law enforcement administrative and field operation costs.  Allotment of these costs is a critical step in the assessment process, so i-detain uses historical data driven apportionments to ensure proper allocations.

Perhaps most importantly, i-detain evaluates cost data against other relevant non-cost factors, including established Federal government IGA negotiating positions; Federal fiscal projections for jail bed space resources; and existing per diem rates paid to comparable sized jails in the local and nearby jurisdictions. 

Our Driven Results.

i-detain has a proven track record demonstrated by the many local counties and cities, in multiple states, who have successfully negotiated higher per diem rates because of using our algorithm.  With the help of i-detain, local government officials are better equipped for negotiations with the US Marshals Service and Immigration Customs & Enforcement, ultimately saving local taxpayer dollars while increasing county revenue.