New Cloud Application That Calculates Your Federal Per Diem Rate

Created by JailGeek, i-detain is a secure Cloud Application with proprietary algorithms that calculate the per diem rate for housing federal prisoners in local jails.  Our solution is the only commercially available evaluation tool which complies with the U.S. Office of Management & Budget Circular 200; Chapter XXVIII – Department of Justice (2 CFR 200); and Section 119 of the Department of Justice Appropriations Act of 2001 (Public Law 106-553).  i-detain will also calculate a transportation/ hospital guard rate for both standard and overtime pay.

i-detain captures all direct jail operating costs such as salaries and benefits; medical care and treatment costs; facility operation expenses; as well as safety and sanitation expenses.  Costs of indirect central services are included, as are current and future capital expenditures to your facility.  However, i-detain goes beyond these standard methodologies by including costs not normally associated with a jail, including some law enforcement administrative and field operation costs.  Allotment of these costs is a critical step in the assessment process, so i-detain uses proprietary apportionments to ensure proper allocations.

Perhaps most importantly, the i-detain algorithms are constantly evolving, incorporating fundamental pricing elements from each new federal negotiation, passing along to you added benefits while also simplifying and streamlining your own organization’s experience.  Local governments working with multiple federal agencies can upgrade and add modules without ever needing to rebuild their core program.  As your needs grow, i-detain grows to meet your requirements.

The end result is that local government officials are better equipped for negotiations with the U.S. Marshals Service and Immigration Customs & Enforcement, ultimately saving your local taxpayer dollars while also increasing your county revenue.

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