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About The Summerill Group, LLC

The Summerill Group, LLC negotiates intergovernmental agreements for housing Federal prisoners and detainees in county and city jails.  We use our proprietary algorithm, called i-detain, to calculate your per diem rate and hospital guard / transportation rate.  Next, our contract specialists prepare and submit your proposal to the U.S. Marshals Service or Immigration & Customs Enforcement, so that we can then partner with your office during the actual negotiations with the Federal Government.  With over 20 years’ worth of experience, our turn-key solution has assisted over a hundred local governments in twenty-nine different states. 

The Summerill Group, LLC

Now, with offices in both Washington, DC and Northern California

1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

770 Larkspur Landing Circle
Suite 199
Larkspur, CA 94939

Our Team

Joseph Summerill is the Managing Principal Director of The Summerill Group, LLC. Joe specializes in working with the Department of Justice’s BOP, USMS and the Department of Homeland Security’s ICE.  Before entering the private sector, Mr. Summerill was the chief contracts attorney for the DOJ’s Federal Bureau of Prisons, advising the agency on various commercial issues, including the negotiation, award, and administration of contracts and Intergovernmental Service Agreements for prison services and construction.  Joe has over fifteen years in experience negotiating Federal government contracts.

Michele Sharpe is the Executive Director of The Summerill Group, LLC.  Michele specializes in the submission and negotiation of proposals for both Intergovernmental Service Agreement and procurement contracts with BOP, USMS and ICE.  She is an expert in the rules and regulations, including A-87 Cost Principals, governing the calculation of federal per diem rates based on allowable and allowable jail and law enforcement operating costs. Michele is also well versed in wage and benefit rates both under collective bargaining agreements and the Department of Labor Wage Determination.  Finally, Ms. Sharpe also serves as the Office Manager for The Summerill Group, LLC.

Robyn Green is a Director and Senior Business Analysis for The Summerill Group, LLC.  She holds both a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters of Accountancy from American InterContinental University, and specializes in cost accounting.  Robyn prepares and submits proposals for Intergovernmental Service Agreement and procurement contracts with BOP, USMS and ICE, assisting our clients develop strategic negotiating positions.  She lives with her family outside Pittsburg, PA.